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This is Jun Shiraishi! Ogenki desuka? How are you doing everyone?
Recently I love to enjoy fruit like pear or peach after hot summer.
Some people takes great photos and upload in Face Book such as Karan Jaura san in Nishikasai
as, please let us enjoy this season as much as we can!

We have been asked by our clients recently about where to buy furniture or appliances. I know it is hard
to find information on the internet because most sites only have Japanese. In the lifestyle info section, we
put some of the major stores where you can buy cheap and affordable furniture and appliances.
The links will guide you to their stores in Tokyo. All of the sites are in Japanese but if you go to their stores,
most of their staff speaks English.


1) Jun’s Dictionary
2) Autumn UR-Campaign (Free Rent and Gift Check)
3) Popular UR-Apartments
4) Lifestyle Info (Sayonara Sale & Shopping Info.)

 1) Jun’s Dictionary

“どうも” (Domo)

I bet you have heard of this Japanese word many times. I use this a lot too! But do you know what it means?
It is like a Joker in a card where you can use it in almost any situation! Just change the intonation and it will
have a different meaning. Here are some situation:
*Can be used to say thanks “Domo arigato”
*To greet someone “Domo! Domo!”
*To say sorry “Domo sumimasen”
*To say hello on the phone “Domo Jun desu”
Have fun using the word!

 2) Autumn UR-Campaign

Besides the 1 month deposit campaign, the UR-Agency has 2 more campaign!
For certain apartments, the UR gives a 1 Month free rent or a 100,000 gift check!
*Campaign period: September 3, 2011 – December 4, 2011

◆ 1 Month Free Rent ⇒ Some UR-apartments have a 1 month free rent if you live for 1 year or over
in the same room. Here are some of the apartments with 1 month free rent.

   ◇Kasai Clean Town Seishin Plaza
◇Shinagawa Yashio Park Town Shioji Kita Heights
◇City Court Meguro
   ◇Rivercity East Towers

◇Other Apartments: Other 26 Buildings.

◆ 100,000 JCB Gift Check ⇒ Move into these apartments and you will receive a 100,000 gift check from the UR-Agency!

*Only people new to UR-apartment or people living in a private apartment can receive the gift card
*Only individual contract can receive.
*The gift card will be given in January 2012.

◇Trinity Shibaura
◇Column Minami Aoyama
◇Shinagawa Seaside View Tower
◇Ebisu View Tower

◇Other Apartments: Other 6 Buildings.

 3) Lifestyle Information

◆ Sayonara Sale in Shinagawa and Kawasaki

Nailesh san wants to sell fridge.

   Madhu san wants to sell all the furnitures

◆Discount Electronic Retailers
The 3 major electronic retailers in Japan are Yamada Denki, Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera.
The stores are known for their cheap and reasonable prices. They also gives points that you can use next
time you buy something.


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