News Vol.76 : Rent Payment Method & December Hot Apartments!

This is Ronnie and Ken of UR-Whitestone!!

We have just entered the last month of 2014 but it also means that we are approaching a new year!!
December is also one of the most awaited month for some people. Its the season for gift giving, family reunions and a long vacation to spend time with family!

In Japan they spend december a little bit different from other countries. One example is sending postcards as a greeting for the New Year. This is called Nengajo (年賀状) in Japanese. Let me tell you a little information about this tradition on the article below.

☆UR 1 Month Free Campaign☆

There is a new list of apartments having 1 month free rent campaign which started last Monday. Its still not too late to move to a new place this year!

Tokyo Area Dec. 1 ~ Mar. 31, 2015
Hikarigaoka park town Odori Minami(Only for certain units)
Kamiyabori Koen Heights
Shinonome Canal Court CODAN
Other Apartments

Kanagawa Area Oct. 14 ~ Dec. 28
Minami Nagata Dai2
Other Apartments

U29 campaign (Partly), Sept 1 ~ Nov 30
(Rent 20% discounted, up to a 3 year contract, under 29 years old only) Please inquire for more information!!

☆How to: Pay monthly rent in UR apartment?☆

One very important thing to remember and not to forget about when you are renting an apartment is to pay the rent bill on time or before its due date.

In UR-housing, Automatic Direct Bank Transfer is the most convenient way to pay your rent. You do not need to go to the bank or to your landlord to pay and you will also do not miss to pay as rent is automatically taken from your bank.

You can find more information about paying rent, late payments on the link below.


Nengajo is almost like sending a Christmas card in the West, however there is no religious significance for it and they send it for a different reason. The Japanese send many Nengajo every year, which makes the post office very busy during the end of December and the beginning of January. They either send it to their relatives, friends, officemates to express gratitude or maintain relationship.

Most often, they use the zodiac sign of the coming year as characters in their postcards. In 2015, its the Year of the Sheep. Japanese people starts buying these postcards as early as end of November. They send these Nengajo’s so that they arrive on January 1st.
The usual schedule of sending the Nengajo is between December 15th to December 28th.

Sending postcards also an opportunity for Japanese to demonstrate their handwriting skills(Shodo) as addressing and personal message is generally done by hand.

If you are planning to send postcards to your Japanese friends, you can use the usual greetings below.
They will surely be happy to receive a message from you!

Akemashite Omedeto-gozaimasu!
Happiness to you on the dawn of new year!

Kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
I hope for your favour again in the coming year!

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