News Vol.75

This is Ronnie and Ken of UR-Whitestone!!

Hope everyone is well during this season. And the useful hospital Japanese expressions content has finally been done, hope it will be helpful.

This week except the good deals of apartments, we would like to remind that most of the UR campaigns are finishing at the end of November, please do not miss out!!

Have you ever been to Kyoto? We discovered some goodness about it below, please share your experience with us or any other domestic travel experience!!

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☆UR Campaigns☆

From September 2014, UR started campaigns again!! Please be aware that each campaign has its own expiry date.

We disclosed popular apartments that are now with campaign status, for others please inquire further.

1 Month Free Rent
Tokyo Area Oct. 1 ~ Nov. 30
Yashio Park Town Shioji Minami Heights
Yashio Park Town Shioji Kita Daini Heights
Funabori 6chome Park Heights
Other Apartments
Kanagawa Area Oct. 14 ~ Dec. 28
Minami Nagata Dai2
Other Apartments

Deposit Installment Sept. 1 ~ Nov. 30
None in Tokyo but most of the units in Kanagawa area.

U29 campaign (Partly), Sept 1 ~ Nov 30
(Rent 20% discounted, up to a 3 year contract, under 29 years old only) Please inquire for more information!!

☆Hospital Japanese Expressions☆

Hope everyone is coping well with the change of temperature, we recently created a link that shows useful Japanese expressions at hospital.

We still suggest bringing a Japanese friend who can assist however an emergency guide could always be a good help.


Today we are proudly and very excited to introduce my favorite city in Japan, Kyoto as having countless temples, shrines and other historically priceless structures.

In fact, Kyoto served as Japan capital and the emperor’s resident from 794 to 1868. With a population of 1.4 million people.

We discovered some very nice and must visit places below.

The temple was founded in 778 even before Kyoto became the capital of Japan. Kiyomizu Stage was built using special method, huge pillars were assembled without using a single nail. The view from is stage is stunningly beautiful.

Kinkaku-ji(The Golden Pavilion)
Officially named Rokuon-ji is a Zen Buddhist temple with gold-leaf-adorned which was founded in 1397, recognised by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.

Nijo-jo(Japanese castle)
Nijo Castle was found in 1603 by Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun of the Edo Period(1603-1867) one of the must visits for Japanese castle lovers. (World Cultural Heritage)

I would give this place a must visit, one of the most exclusive and well-known Geisha districts in all of Japan. High concentration of traditional wooden machiya and merchant house would give you the best feel of ancient Japan!!

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