How to prepare for an earthquake

One of many things Japan is known for, is the frequency of earthquakes. Approximately 5,000 minor earthquakes (between magnitude 3.0 – 3.9) occur in Japan every year. 160 earthquakes with magnitudes of 5.0 or higher. Although most of the UR and JKK apartments are proven to be above the safety standards set by the government, it is best to prepare regardless. Listed down below are possible ways to prepare for any upcoming earthquakes.

First thing you should know whenever you move is where your safety evacuation area is. Each city has a few dedicated safety evacuation areas, so make sure you know the spots. Make sure to evacuate by foot and bring only essential items.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to know your evacuation routes for any building you are in. Earthquakes can happen at any moment, including when you’re at home, school or workplace. Knowing the evacuation route shortens the amount of time that you are in a dangerous area. 

Prepare water and emergency long lasting foods. Even if by any chance you get stuck and cannot find any way out,  you have these things that could allow you to wait for rescue comfortably. 

Fixate your furniture such as cupboards and shelves, as earthquakes may cause these to fall, inflicting heavy wounds. Fixating your furniture decreases the possibility of being hurt, or being locked in that room. 

Lastly, being in insurance would allow you to be partially compensated for any of the damages done. 

Although there are endless ways to prepare for an earthquake, we think that the ones listed above could be done quickly and easily!