Yokoso(welcome)! The Process for UR Housing Applications for New Residents in Japan

Table of Contents

  1. 【Immigration process】
  2. 【Documents】
    • Certificate of Residency (Juminhyo)
    • Income Certificate
    • Documents Certifying Employment
    • Exemptions

1.【Immigration process】

  • Please request all necessary documents from your company before immigrating into Japan, so that you only need to receive your documents and register your residency upon entry.
  • It will take at least a week or two at the latest in order to complete the housing contract process. 
  • The earliest date for moving can change depending on your quarantine situation, so please be updated with the COVID19 status in your home country and Japan.
  • You will be able to hold down a property of your choice before coming to Japan, but please be aware that you must complete your contract in person within a week.
  • If you have an acquaintance who lives nearby, you can select the desired property by video call with them visiting the room for you.
  • Installations of electricity, gas, water, and internet will have to be done by yourself, but we have recommendations for companies with English support. (Whitestone cannot help you)

Let’s set up the best schedule based on the above information!

【Sample schedule】
DAY1 arriving to Japan
DAY2 collecting documents (Ward Offices are in general closed on weekends.)
DAY3 room viewing (depending on room vacancy situation)
DAY4 signing the contract (taking about 1 hour)
↑↓ minimum 1 week waiting for room preparation & final inspection
DAY11~14 actual move-in date

Also note that:

  • The housing market is constantly fluctuating.
  • There may not be the perfect apartment upon arrival, so it is recommended you be flexible with your conditions for your first apartment.
  • We can then look for better rooms in the coming months together!


Certificate of Residency (Juminhyo)

🎥GUIDANCE VIDEO ☚ Please refer to Pattern B!!

  • Please be aware that you cannot apply using an address of a hotel or similar temporary accommodations. It is better to write down other options such as your friend’s address.
  • Your friend’s address will only be used in the application process, so there are no necessary documents to prepare for this part.
  • The moving process is easier if your friend’s house is in the same ward as your new apartment.
    • If your friend lives in the same ward as you: 1. First registration → 2. Notice for the change of address. 
    • If moving into another ward: 1. First registration → 2. Notice for moving out → 3. Notice for moving in. 
  • Make sure to fill out all necessary information correctly while applying for the certificate.

Income Certificate

  • Note that there is a specific format required, and the offer letter given by your company does not suffice, even if your income is written on it. 
  • You must bring the original paperwork, not a copy or digital version, which has been stamped by your company. Please retrieve this from your company in person or via postmail.
  • Make sure all the information written on the certificate is in the correct place in data before bringing in the original copy.

Documents Certifying Employment

  • Usually, the offer letter sent out from your company is needed for confirmation. 
  • If you have already received your health insurance card or company ID card, please bring it along with you.
  • In the case that the date of hire is different on your offer letter from your income certificate, please notify us beforehand, as you may need to get a new copy.
  • For example: COVID19 had delayed the schedule, already employed back home, etc…


  • If you work for a major global company, some documents may differ from the standard process, so please consult with our sales staff.


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