What is UR?

UR is Japanese Governmental House

UR is managed by Japan Government.
So they are really strict about rules and documents. For example,
・No negotiation on rent
・No exception about submitting documents.

However, since they are the government, they have many benefits such as
・Fairness regardless of where you’re from and how long you live in Japan
・No key money, No Agent fee, No Guarantor fee, and No Renewal fee
・All you need to pay at the contract is just 2 months rent for security deposit and prorated rent and management fee.

Not Furnished

All UR housing is not unfurnished.
There could be a gas stove or an air conditioner in a room, but no refrigerator, no washing machine, no TV, no table or chair, no sofa.

Schedule till move-in

We propose you rooms based on your ideal move-in date.
It is because we need to make a contract within 1 week after blocking a room and you need to move in within 24 days after blocking a room.
Also, Move-in date, Key-collection date, and Rent-starting date is on the same date.
So you cannot enter the room before your move-in date after contract.


UR has another aspect which is many of them are 40-50 years old buildings.
But some of them are renovated inside, and you can get them with reasonable price.

In addition, since Government built and manages, numbers of building are limited in some areas.
There are very less or no UR apartment in Chuo-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Minato-ku in Central Tokyo.
But many UR apartments in suburb area such as Edogawa-ku, Koto-ku, Tama-shi in Tokyo.

When you move out of UR housing, you only need 2 weeks of leaving notice in advance by submitting leaving notice at a management office in the building, while other owners require 1 month or even 2 month leaving notice.

Last but not the least, UR housing has no furniture in limited areas and could be not new buildings, but really fair to foreigners and well-maintained by Japan Government.