How to: Get a Mobile Phone in Japan



Japan is one of the leading developers of mobile phone technology, however getting a mobile phone can still be confusing for foreigners.

Today, Docomo, AU by KDDI and Softbank are the major providers. Each provider has its own shop or you can try electronics shops like Bic Camera, Yodobashi..etc which occasionally offer exciting promotions.
We discovered certain ways to use mobile phone in Japan.


Free dial:0120-005-250
language:English / Portuguese / Chinese / Spanis
Reception time:AM9:00~PM8:00

Free dial:0120-959-472
language:English / Korean / Chinese / Portuguese
Reception time:AM9:00~PM8:00

Navi Dial:0800-919-0157
language:If you press dial 8 during voice guidance, English will be supported.
Reception time:AM9:00~PM8:00

● Subscription Plans

This is for people who plan to live here on a long term basis since 2 year service contract is required. Terminating the contract less than 2 years cancellation fee will be charged. On average basic monthly plan for smartphone in Japan cost between 7,000-9,000 Yen. (but depending on the contract details)
(Required Documents, please check before you go.)

1) Resident card
2) Passport
3) Japanese bank card or passbook


● Rental SIM Card (Above 3G)
In the l number of “cheap SIM” companast few years, theies has increased rapidly in Japan.There is an advantage that monthly call charges and communication charges are low.The cheapness is attractive, so it is recommended for those who want to keep monthly costs down.
IIJMio / LINE MOBILE / mobal / 楽天Mobile

● Rent a Phone
If your phone does not allow you to even use a SIM card in Japan. Rent a phone would be the only option. A popular Japan phone rental provider is Rentafone Japan.

Phone : (10 am – 6 pm Japan time)
Fax: +81-75-496-8187 

From overseas : +81-75-212-0842
In Japan (toll free): 0120- 746487