Installing additional air conditioners in JKK apartments

Adding additional air conditioners to your new apartment rooms may be bothersome, as there are many rules and regulations you must follow. Below are the said rules and regulations, so make sure you read through this article if you plan on adding additional air conditioners to your rooms! 

If you are planning on adding any Additional AC to your apartment, make sure you have these three things in your room.

  1. Sleeves for air conditioner
  1. Plug for air conditioner
  1. Bolts to pin the air conditioner

If the room you want to set the air conditioner in does not have all 3, please look at the information below.

  1. If there is no sleeve for the air conditioner, please use a small ventilation window, or use a specific panel for the air conditioner installed on the window.
  1. If you do not have a dedicated outlet for your air conditioner, please contact the Corporation. A contracted installer will come to investigate.
  1. If there are no bolts to fasten the air conditioner (indoor unit), fasten it with screws or bolts. 

Locations where outdoor units can be installed

Please install outdoor units on balconies or in outdoor unit storage areas in common corridors.

The corridor walls will be destroyed and moved to the next balcony in case of emergency evacuation. Therefore, do not install the outdoor units in places where they will interfere with evacuation.

The balcony is an evacuation route, so it must be at least 60cm wide to allow passage in an emergency.

An evacuation hatch (evacuation ladder) may be installed on the floor or ceiling of the balcony to be used for evacuation in an emergency. Installation is not allowed near the evacuation hatch.

In houses with small balconies, there may be bolts on the ceiling to attach the outdoor unit mount.

When installing in the outdoor unit storage area in the common corridor:

Since common corridors are used for daily traffic and evacuation routes in case of emergencies, outdoor units can be installed only if there is a dedicated outdoor unit storage area.

If there is a hole or groove for draining the water coming out of the air conditioner, insert the drain hose into it. (Drainage outlet, drainage rail)

When using the sleeve for the air conditioner on the corridor side, it must be filled with special fireproof putty or otherwise treated as required by law.

Check the dedicated outlet for the air conditioner.

When you ask an appliance store to install an air conditioner, they may refuse to install it if there is no dedicated outlet for the air conditioner.

Even if there is a power outlet near the air conditioner installation space, it may not be a dedicated power outlet for the air conditioner. 

If the room does not have a dedicated outlet for air conditioners, please contact JKK as they can install one at their expense. A contracted contractor from the Corporation will visit the room to investigate.

How to Check the Dedicated Air Conditioner Outlet

  1. An air conditioner dedicated outlet is an outlet where only one outlet is connected to one breaker on the distribution board.
  2. If the number of breakers for the air conditioner is more than the number of outlets, all the outlets are dedicated to the air conditioner.
  3. If the number of breakers for the air conditioner is less than the number of outlets, then some of the outlets in the air conditioner installation space are not dedicated circuits.

Distribution boards for houses

Please check the number of breakers for air conditioners according to the indication on the distribution board.

Example of a dedicated circuit for air conditioners in only one location: