Application and contract procedures for paid parking for UR

If you wish to use the toll parking lot in your apartment complex, you need to submit the application form for using the parking lot to the Housing Center or the Management Service Office and conclude a contract in advance.

Application Requirements

Those who have a contract for UR rental housing (in the case of a corporate contract, those who are lent the housing by the contractor are also eligible)

※Those who have outstanding debts to the Urban Renaissance Agency due to non-payment of rent, etc. for UR rental housing and those who live with others are not eligible to apply.

Vehicles that can be parked

The contracted vehicle must satisfy all of the following (a) to (c).

(a) A vehicle with a valid vehicle inspection certificate (automobile inspection certificate or light vehicle registration certificate)

(b) The weight and dimensions of the vehicle must be within the limits of the parking lot.

(C) Vehicles owned or used by the resident and his/her roommates.

(For vehicles under the name of a corporation, separate documents will need to be submitted at the time of contract.)

Available Vehicles

In principle, one vehicle is allowed per unit.

In some apartment complexes, it is possible to contract for more than one parking space per unit as a special exception, but please note that UR may cancel the contract for the second and subsequent parking spaces when the number of available spaces becomes low.

Documents required for application

(a) Application form for use of pay parking lot

(b) A copy of the vehicle inspection certificate (automobile inspection certificate or light vehicle registration certificate) within the valid period.

If you are planning to purchase a car, UR may ask you to submit documents that show the size and weight of the car.


After receiving your application, we will confirm the details of your application, including whether or not you can enter the facility, and guide you through the contracting process.

By the time the contract is concluded, you will be required to pay the security deposit, the daily fee for the first month of use, and the security deposit (for apartment complexes with automatic gates and some tower-type parking lots) at the counter of the financial institution handling the contract using the payment slip issued by the Urban Renaissance Agency.

Documents required at the time of contract

(a) Hanko of the person who plans to sign the parking lot contract (in principle, Hanko used in the Urban Renaissance Agency lease contract) if you do not own Hanko, signature is also fine.

(B) A copy of the payment slip (with receipt stamp) for the security deposit, daily rate usage fee, and security deposit

(C) Identification documents (driver’s license, etc.)

Other documents may be requested as necessary.

※The monthly usage fee from the next month of the contract is to be paid by account transfer from a designated financial institution.

You may be required to change the location of the contracted parking lot due to construction.

If there is a change in the name or vehicle, you will need to apply.