Application and contract procedures for paid parking for JKK

How to sign up for paid parking 

Documents to be submitted

 (1) Application form for use of toll parking lot

 (2) Copy of vehicle registration

 (3) Written oath, commuting certificate, etc. (only for those who are applicable)

We will inform you of the results of the screening for the toll parking contract after the screening for the housing is completed.

If you are able to sign a contract, we will send you information about the plot and a payment slip for the security deposit. Please pay the deposit at the designated financial institution indicated on the back of the payment slip by the contract date.

  1. Residence owner or the person living with the owner is not the same as a car owner.

Within one month from the date of contract, change the name of the user on the automobile inspection certificate to the name of the residence owner or the person living with the residence owner, and submit a copy of the changed automobile inspection certificate.

  1. Car which you are going to buy or recieve

Within one month from the date of the contract, purchase or transfer of the vehicle and submit a copy of the vehicle inspection certificate. 

  1. Car whose contractor is the company that the residence owner runs

Submit the document to confirm that the company listed in the owner/user column of the automobile inspection certificate is a company managed by the owner or a person living with the owner.

If there is a change in the owner or ownership of the company, the company should immediately notify JKK.

  1. Car for commuting to work (Company-owned car)

The car is for commuting to work and attach the document from the company to prove it.

  1. Car for nursing care(owned by a nursing home)
  2. Car for nursing care(owned by families)

If you have any questions, please ask the management office.

JKK customer service center: 0570-03-0031