How to install AC in UR apartments

Precautions regarding air conditioner installation


  1. Depending on the housing complex, some rooms cannot be equipped with an air conditioner. (Due to lack of installation space for outdoor unit or equipment required for air conditioner installation)
  1. Even if it is possible to install an air conditioner, depending on the equipment conditions of the room, it may be necessary to notify the housing center of the jurisdiction and carry out the necessary work at the customer’s expense. 
  1. If you have any questions about whether or not the air conditioner can be installed and the cost burden, please contact the management service office or the housing center under your jurisdiction.


1. When installing an air conditioner, some air conditioners may require an air conditioner outlet with a dedicated circuit. 

2. UR will conduct construction to convert the outlet according to the table shown below.


Air conditioner outlet that is not a dedicated circuit (refer to picture on the left)

– Outlet on the surface of the plate.

– There are sleeves as well as mounting brackets in the vicinity.

Air conditioner outlet that is the dedicated circuit (refer to picture on the left)

– There is an indication of air conditioner use above on the surface of the plate.

– There are sleeves as well as mounting brackets in the vicinity.

3. In the construction, the existing outlet (100V 15A specification) will be removed and a dedicated circuit outlet (100V15/20A specification) will be installed. At the same time, the distribution board will be improved and a new power supply line will be wired from the distribution board and connected to the dedicated circuit outlet.

  1. When changing to 200V, the customer must send a remodeling notification, and is responsible for covering the expenses. In addition, it is necessary to restore to the original condition at 100V.
  1.  You can apply after completing the lease contract procedure.
  1. After applying, we will conduct a survey and it will take about 2 to 3 weeks to complete. If the distribution board needs to be replaced, it may take a few more days due to the arrangement of materials.
  1.  In the survey, we will investigate the distribution board and wiring status within the unit (about 1 to 2 hours), so please stay at home. Also, please stay at home during construction (about half a day).
  1.  During construction, there will be a power outage.
  1. If there is no “outlet for the air conditioner that is not a dedicated circuit” in the room, you cannot install an air conditioner. This is because the dedicated circuit is a basic necessity to install any air conditioner. 
  1. For applications or questions, please contact the housing center in your jurisdiction.