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This is Ronnie and Ken of UR-Whitestone. Its almost December and you know Christmas is coming! Time for shopping and Christmas trees and Illumination lights!

Illumination Lights around Christmas is one of the main attraction in cities across Japan. Illuminations usually starts around November to January. Some of the most spetacular light shows are “Kobe Luminarie” in Kobe City and “Sagamiko Illumillion”.

You can see the popular Illumination events at locations
such as Marunouchi, Ginza and Roppongi on the
following link:

Some events in Yokohama Area:
Queen’s Square YOKOHAMA Christmas 2012

Sea Paradise Dolphin Tree & Lighting Ceremony

Autumn Campaign (1 month installation deposit) will end at November 30th!

☆Sayonara Sale (Ojima Area)☆

Our client, Manikandan san is giving away some furniture with little cost and some of those are even free!!
Please contact him directly on 080-4892-3105. Location is in Ojima 6chome apartment, 1 minute from Ojima station.

Here are the pictures

Computer Table with Recliner Chair – 1500JPY
Wooden Rolling Chair with Cushions – 1000JPY
Center Table – 500JPY
Semi Double Steel Cot (without Mattres. Can be dismantled and assembled) – Giveaway
Shoe Rack (Shorter with 4 Shelves) – Giveaway
Bread Toaster – Giveaway

Big thanks to Manikandan san!!

☆How to get rid of large sized waste in Japan?☆

For waste like no-longer-needed beds, futon, desks, carpet, washing machine, here is what we recommend you to do:

1. Call the Reception Center of your ward and sign up
・Koto-ku: 03-5296-7000
・Edogawa-ku: 03-5296-7000
・Shinagawa-ku: 03-5715-1122
・Meguro-ku: 03-5715-0053
2. Buy waste disposal stickers at convenient stores.
3. Put on the stickers on the waste
4. Dispose them on your reservation day.


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