Mobile Bus Classroom in New Delhi to Deliver Education to Children in Slums

Hope Bus, a mobile classroom using buses developed by the non-profit organization “Tejas Asia”, is one of the grassroots efforts to close the education gap in India.

The children take classes on the bus. Every weekday, four buses arrive at a slum area in New Delhi, India, to provide education and meals to the children.

Evna Edwin, coordinator of Hope Buses says  “With the mobile bus school, our goal is to bring educational opportunities close to home. When you look at the children in the slum areas, they don’t have the mindset of ‘I have to study, I can get a better job if I study, then I will have a better future.’ We want our children to know that there is a better future and that they can dream big.”

Up to 50 children can participate in one bus class.

Mumtaz Begum, whose two children attend a mobile classroom in Tijuasaia, said, “We send the children to the teachers to study. The children have changed and become even better since they came here. They are getting a good education and we want them to learn and grow.”

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