How to: Use Ofuro’s Control Panel

Japan is full of technology.You can find it anywhere. If you have stayed in Japan for a while, you might have encountered a speaking digital control panel in your bathroom. However, how do you use it?
Here is the basic guide on using the control panel inside your bathroom.


Basic Functions


Japanese                          Hiragana                         English
運転(うんてん)         Unten                         On/Off switch
ふろ自動                         Furo Jido                   Automatic Filling of Hot water
追いだき            Oidaki                          Reheating of water
呼出(よびだし)                Yobidashi                Call(most of the time there another panel in kitchen)
ふろ温度          Furo-Ondo                  Temperature
湯量             Yuryo                          Hot water amount