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This is Jun Shiraishi. Hope everybody is doing well.

Recently, I feel a lack of exercise and started jogging from yesterday, it took 30mins for 3 kilometers..
But I felt very much refreshed, so I will try to keep on doing it. I used muffler at first time this year.
Samuku narimashita minasama kiwotsukete ikimasyo.

Today, we would like to introduce one unique service of Hashimoto International Accounting Office can help you with your inquiries regarding income tax refund, pensions and social insurances. Try visiting their site:

Autamn campaign is ending up on this Sunday, so please watch out!


1) Jun’s Dictionary
2) Autumn UR-Campaign (Free Rent and Gift Check)
3) Popular UR-Apartments
4) Lifestyle Info (Accounting service & Sayonara Sale in Nishikasai)
5) FAQ (What is UR-light)

 1) Jun’s Dictionary

“すごい” (Su go i)

“Sugoi” simply means “cool!” When someone shows you something, they do something great or you find
something particularly cool, make a surprised face and simply say “Sugoi!” Also changing “sugoi” to “sugoku”, the word becomes a modifier like “sugoku atsui” “very hot”. If you want more emphasis to the word, you can say “Su-geeee!, like saying “Cooool!”
Here are some situation:
*When your child got a perfect score “Sugoi ne!
*When you eat something very delicious, “Sugo-ku oishi!”
*When you are really tired from work “Sugo-ku tsukareta~”
*When you want to praise someone “Jun san sugoi!

 2) Autumn UR-Campaign

Besides the 1 month deposit campaign, the UR-Agency has 2 more campaign!
For certain apartments, the UR gives a 1 Month free rent or a 100,000 gift check!
*Campaign period: September 3, 2011 – December 4, 2011
*note: 1month deposit campaign is ending up on November 27th, 2011

◆ 1 Month Free Rent ⇒ Some UR-apartments have a 1 month free rent if you live for 1 year or over
in the same room. Here are some of the apartments with 1 month free rent.

◆ 100,000 JCB Gift Check ⇒ Move into these apartments and you will receive a 100,000 gift check from the UR-Agency!

*Only people new to UR-apartment or people living in a private apartment can receive the gift card
*Only individual contract can receive.
*The gift card will be given in January 2012.

 3) Lifestyle Information

◆ We always think of some information to share with our clients to help them even just a little bit
in living their daily lives in Japan. I think for some, Tax system in Japan is difficult to understand, so we
made a link in our site. Hashimoto International Accounting Office can help you with your inquiries regarding
income tax refund, pensions and social insurances.
Try visiting their site:

◆ Sayonara Sale in Shinagawa and Kawasaki

House whole items in Nishikasai

 4) FAQ

◆What is UR-light
– UR-light is basically UR-apartments with discounted price(20%) over the real monthly rent.
Most of these apartments are old but the rooms are in good conditions. UR-light apartments also only has
a 3 year contract lease. So for foreigners living in Japan who will only spend 1 or 2 years in Japan,
and who does not want to spend much money on rent, UR-light apartments are recommendable.

However, UR-light apartments are not included in the Campaign(division of deposit).
3 months deposit is needed in the contract date.

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