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This is Jun Shiraishi. Hope everybody is doing well.

In last mail, I mentioned I started jogging and I keep running every other day. At first day, it took 30mins for 3km,
but now, 20mins for the same distance. It is not fast pace but, I am enjoying myself for keep body tight. 🙂

Autumn campaign was finished but it’s not too late because Winter Campaign has just begun! The campaign
has the same content as before, 1 month deposit instead of paying 3 months. Furthermore, there is also free
rent campaign and JCB gift check. Please check the winter campaign section for further information.

We came across 2 interesting UR-housing recently, so let us introduce them!

1DK,30sqm for 42+3K and 2DK,42sqm for 63+3K
Location is 3min from Morishita station on Oedo line, which is 22min direct from Roppongi.
We think this option is good for bachelors or families to reduce living cost.
Furthermore, the rooms are bright and has great view of Sumida river!
This is the link:

◇Roppongi view tower
2DK, 50sqm for 146+7K ※Regular price is 183+7K (20% Discount!)
Location is 3min from Roppongi 1chome station on Nanboku line, 10min walk from Roppongi Hills.
We think this option is good for bachelors or families to reduce access cost and time.
This is the link:


1) Jun’s Dictionary
2) Winter UR-Campaign (Free Rent and Gift Check)
3) Popular UR-Apartments
4) Lifestyle Info (Aircon and Gas stove for sale)
5) FAQ

 1) Jun’s Dictionary

“寒い[さむい] “Samui”

“寒い” literally means “cold”. I guess you have heard of this word many times since winter season is coming.
Everyone is saying “Samui ne”, “Its freezing!”
However, did you know that there is another meaning of “samui”? It can also mean “corny”, “lame” or “unfunny”.
For instance, when someone is trying to be cool or funny, and you find the joke or that someone corny or lame,
you just shiver and say “Samui!”

 2) Winter UR-Campaign

Besides the 1 month deposit campaign, the UR-Agency has 2 more campaign!
For certain apartments, the UR gives a 1 Month free rent or a 50,000 gift check!
*Campaign period: November 28, 2011 – December 27, 2011
*note: 1 month deposit campaign is ending up on December 27th, 2011

◆ 1 Month Free Rent ⇒ Some UR-apartments have a 1 month free rent if you live for 1 year or over
in the same room. Here are some of the apartments with 1 month free rent.
    *Reservation period: December 3, 2011 – March 11, 2012

◆ 50,000 JCB Gift Check ⇒ Move into these apartments and you will receive a 50,000 gift check from the UR-Agency!
*Campaign period: December 3, 2011 – December 25, 2011

*Only people new to UR-apartment or people living in a private apartment can receive the gift card
*Only individual contract can receive.
*The gift card will be given in Febuary 2012.

 3) Lifestyle Information

◆ Aircon and Gas stove for sale
Vineet san is moving out of his apartment on December 17 and wants to sell his aircon and gas stove.
Check the link for further information:

 4) FAQ

◆ What is the meaning of Japanese Apartment Layout Abbreviation?
Any new comer in Japan has the same question, what does L, D and K mean? And what is the number
written besides those letters?
Visit the link for the answer:

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