News Vol.22

This is Jun Shiraishi. Hope everybody is doing well.

The month of May is already over and the beginning of summer season has come. The leaves of the
trees are getting greener and winds are getting warmer. Most people are getting used to their new
jobs and new place to live. Few days more and its June! Time to start exercising and put muscles and
curves for summer!

This time, we have updated information in our members site and would like to introduce good deal
flats from UR, which are rarely found. We are going to update the information twice a month so keep
on checking the site!
We would also like to introduce some English speaking movers who could provide moving services,
please check out the lifestyle info section below.


1) Jun’s Dictionary
2) Popular UR-Apartments
3) Lifestyle Info (English Speaking Movers)
4) FAQ (Meaning of Japanese Apartment Layout Abbreviation)

 1) Jun’s Dictionary

すばらしい (su-bara-shi)

`”su-bara-shi” means something stunning, great or brilliant! It is a very useful word to praise
someone or on something you really appreciate. Normally use for friends, families or you junior staff.
It could be slightly rude if you use it for your senior people at work.

Here are some examples:
*When your junior staff did a good job, then you say ” su-bara-shi !!”
*When your kid got a prize from school, then you say ” su-bara-shi !!”
*When you first saw Tokyo Towel, then you say ” su-bara-shi !!”
*When you got a praise from your boss by finishing a big project, then you tell yourself ” su-bara-shi !!”

 2) Lifestyle Information

◆ After a big hassle of finding somewhere to live in Japan, people start wondering
where to find movers who speaks English!
Please check out this link from our website
English speaking service movers!

 3) FAQ

◆What is the way we describe types of flats in Japan
– Do you know how we normally describe the layout of flats in Japan?
Please check out the link below and know how to describe the room that you want.

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