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This is Jun Shiraishi. Hope everybody is doing well.

Summer Campaign has just started last Friday, June 1st!
In general, you have to pay 3 months deposit to rent a UR-apartment. However, with the campaign,
the deposit will be paid by installment of 3 years. You will only have to pay 1 month deposit and rent on
the day of the contract, saving you a lot of money when moving.

There is also a 1 month free rent scheme for certain apartments. Please see the information below for
further information

*Our website is currently under maintenance. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
Our website will be back in a few days.


1) Jun’s Dictionary
2) Summer Campaign(s)!!
3) Popular UR-Apartments
4) Sayonara sale!!

 1) Jun’s Dictionary

“Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu” This phrase is absolute magic! Just say “Yoroshiku” to any Japanese
in any situation and they will help you with anything and almost everything you need. It is impossible
to translate it literally, but it means something like “please do you best and treat me well”

For someone new to Japan, this is the word that would help you the most. “Onegai-shimasu” is the
most common word similar to “please”. So everyone, “Yoroshiku!!”

 2) Summer Campaign(s)!!

Since 1st of June, UR starts 2 campaigns as Deposit Installment and 1 Month Free Rent campaigns!
For eligible apartments please send us an inquiry!

◆ Deposit Installment ⇒ In general, most of UR apartments require 3 months deposit when making the contract,
with this campaign people are allowed to pay just one when making the contract then paying the remaining two in the next following 2 years. (except for UR Light)
   *Reservation period: June 1 2012 – July 31 2012

◆ 1 Month Free Rent ⇒ If you do not terminate the contract within 1 year you get one month free rent, easy and superb value!
    *Reservation period: June 1, 2012 – August 31, 2012
*Nishikasai-Seishin Plaza, Higashi Ojima-Sailor Komatsugawa etc,.

 3) Popular UR-Apartments

Good Deals
◆ Nerima-Kitacho1chome, 2DK, 47sqm, 64,000+1,700(management fee)
10mins to Tobu-Nerima station, nicely refurbished!

◆ Shinden-2chome, 1DK, 37sqm, 68,300+4,820(management fee)
14mins to Oji-Kamiya station, brand new refurbished with western flooring including air-con

◆ Shin-Ohashi, 2DK, 42sqm, 63,800+3,000(management fee)
3mins to Morishita station, spacious flat with tatami bedrooms

Popular Flats
◆ Seishin Plaza, 1DK, 32sqm, 65,300+4,100(management fee), low floor
8mins to Nishi-Kasai station, western flooring including air-con

◆ Sailor Komatsugawa, 1DK, 32sqm, 71,600+4,100(management fee), ground floor
3 mins to Higashi-Ojima station, western flooring including air-con

◆ Sun Square Kawasaki, 2DK, 58sqm, 119,600+3,700(management fee), low floor
3 mins to Kawasaki station, one tatami bedroom including air-con and cooking stove

For inquiries, please send a mail to:

 4) Sayonara Sale

Mr. Vijaya Prasanna, who lives in Kawasaki, is leaving the country by the end of June and is giving and selling all of his furniture.
Please check the list of furniture below.

(1) Sofa set
-3 seater (185cm x 90cm)
-2 seater (145cm x 90cm)
-1 seater (95cm x 90cm)
(2) Dining Table with 4 Swinging Chair (150cm x 90cm x 70cm)
(3) Wooden Cupboard (55cm x 47cm x 90cm)
(4) Floor Carpet (230cm x 160cm)
(5) Wooden Cot with Mattress (200cm x 155cm)
(6) Wooden Rack (80cm x 47cm x 106cm)
(7) Kids study Table (Nissen), side rack, swirling chair
(8) Bunker bed with racks (210cm x 110cm x 190cm)
(9) Computer Rack
(10) Dressing Table (65cm x 40cm x 155cm)
(11) Shoe Rack (88cm x 35cm x 100cm)
(12) Cupboard (60cm x 30cmx180cm)
(13) Refrigerator [Sanyo SR-361K (Year 2006 model)]
(14) Washing Machine (With Drier unit) Toshiba AW-E50G
(15) Microwave Oven TOSHIBA ER-D6 (Year 2006)
(16) Ultra Grinder (110V from India)
(17) Preethi Mixer (110V from India)
(18) Decoration Lamp
(19) Humidifier (Year 2008) Dainichi : HD300A
(20) Hotpot Zojirushi CD-XA (Year)
(21) Room lamps

*Some of the things might be already gone.

Please contact Mr. Prasanna directly for inquiries: 080-3206-3177

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