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This is Ronnie and Ken of UR-Whitestone. This week is Diwali Festival season!!!

We have learned about Diwali, and this is our general understanding of it.

Diwali Festival is the most important event in Hinduism.
This year, Dasara will be celebrated on October 24th and Diwali Festival on November 13th. Dasara commemorates the defeat of demon-king Ravana and Diwali Festival or
also known as “Festival of Lights”, commemorates the
return of Lord Rama from his long exile.
People generally clean their houses and buy new clothes
and even buy a new car sometimes to welcome Diwali.

On the second day of Diwali, people switch on every lights in their houses the whole day and open
the doors of their houses to welcome Lakshmi, the
goddess of wealth.

The 13th Diwali Festival at Nishikasai will be held on October 27th 2012!!
This is a good event to enjoy with family and to know more about culture of Hinduism.
Please check the link below for more details!

How do you celebrate Diwali in your place?

☆Ronnie and Ken`s interesting facts about Japan☆

1. Japanese people likes to abbreviate words to make it shorter and easier. They usually
use the first syllable of the word!
-Mister Donuts – “Mi-su-do”
-Kentucky Fried Chiken – “Ken-chi-ki”
-McDonald’s – “Makku”(Tokyo) or “Ma-ku-do”(Osaka)
-Alright! – “O-rai!”

2. Japanese use a different slipper in the toilet. Japanese believe that its cleaner to
change slipper when entering the toilet.

3. There are some people in the streets giving free tissue napkins! It is one way to
market their company name or product.

☆Lifestyle Information (Hospitals)☆

Looking for doctors who speak English in your area?

As we know that it is the first priority to find your local
doctors, of course English support is essential.

Here is some information we suggest as your alternatives.

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