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This is Ronnie, Ken and Dai of UR-Whitestone!!

April has just started and yesterday was a big day
for most of the newly graduates! Yes, it was their
first day at work and become a new member of the
society! Congratulations “Shinsyakaijin” tachi!!!

※Check article below for more information about
welcoming young new employees in Japan.

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On April 1, an estimated 840,000 new recruits
nationwide began their very first day of work as
“Shin Shakaijin”, meaning new employees. After an extremely difficult job-hunting season hampered by the miserable economy in Japan, they will become the new member of the society.

As of Feb. 1, more than 80% of college students
had found jobs before their graduation and have
stepped up to the “new season”, but about 77,000
college students had not found work and many
are believed to be jobless.

On the first day of work, Shin Shakaijin attend
the induction ceremony. At their induction
ceremonies, corporate managers greet the new
recruits by urging them to do their best to ride
out the tough economic times.

After they finish the tour of their working places,
they start their training at assigned departments.
Their first responsibility at work may vary, but
they are all expected to do what they are told
by their boss. Of course, they must remember
all the faces and names of people they meet,
learn the work ethics and rules, and terms and
words they will be using at their jobs.

According to a Japanese business magazine,
these 3 basic things are what bosses expect
new employees to do at the beginning of their

1. Finish the tasks they were asked to do
2. Don’t mind the quality, do it fast at your best
3. Know that there is no such thing as “boring
meaningless tasks”

Well, how about at your work places??? Are
there any new, freshman employees that you
are going to train??? Would you agree with
those basic things or do you have your own
basics you expect of them???

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