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This is Ronnie, Ken and Dai of UR-Whitestone!!

Sky is clear & blue, and you know it’s about time
for Hanami in Japan.

Hanami is the centuries old
practice of picnicking under cherry blossom trees.

People normally enjoy food and drinks with their
friends, colleagues or families while viewing cherry
blossom. It’s a very fun and meaningful season for
Japanese people that feel the vibe of Spring.

Additionally our client Bijoy san is leaving Japan for good. And he is giving away furniture with little cost. Please check out below Sayonara sale section!

☆UR Spring Campaign☆
☆Whitestone Spring Campaign☆


Campaign Duration: January 7 ~ April 30, 2013

Deposit installment and 1 Month free rent campaign is available again!!
Most apartments are included in the 1 month deposit installment! and some of these apartments have also 1 month free rent!

Link: 2013 Spring Campaign
Please contact us for more information:

In addition!!!


Campaign period: January 4~ March 31, 2013
※Contract should be made within the campaign period.

TYPE 1 (Referral)

☆ 5,000 to 10,000 JPY CASH PRIZE will be given to those who will introduce us to a new customer who signs a UR contract for his/her new apartment.

TYPE 2 (Repeat Clients)

☆ Up to 10,000 JPY CASH PRIZE will be given to our previous customers who signed a UR contract with us before and will sign a new UR-contract during the campaign period.


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Have you ever experienced “Hanami” in Japan???
Hanami literally means “flower viewing”, but it
commonly refers only to Cherry Blossom viewing.

What do you do for Hanami? It’s simple! Just
enjoy the beauty of the many blossoms by
looking at a single tree or a group of trees. Cherry
blossoms are also especially beautiful in
combination with a castle, temple or shrine. In
some places the blossoms are lit up n the evening,
which makes an amazing sight.

Hanami can be just a stroll in the park, but it
traditionally also involveds a picnic party under the
blooming trees. Hanami parties have been held in
public and private gardens and parks across the
country. Famous cherry blossom spots can get
very crowded, and the best picnic spots are fought

In especially popular places, it’s common practice
to reserve a picnic spot long before the party is
held. The typical practice is to sprad one’s picnic
sheet eary in the morning and either mark it with
the group’s name and party’s starting time or to
have somebody positioned there during the whole
day until the rest of the group arrives after work.

So, why don’t you check out the best place and
have an awesome hanami party with your family
and friends?!

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