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This is Ronnie, Ken and Dai of UR-Whitestone!!

It’s already the 2nd week of March and you know,
“THAT DAY” is coming up soon!

For those who got something for Valentine’s,
have you already got your gifts and plans ready
for the 14th? Yeah, that’s right, the White Day!
As for me (Dai), I’m going to clean
the whole house, do all the laundry, go shopping
and cook my wife a nice, fancy dinner, & watch
a romantic movie at home!
What is your plan to do with your love one?

In case you are not so familiar with White Day,
or still in need of some ideas, here are some
tips from us! Please check out our article below!

☆UR Spring Campaign☆
☆Whitestone Spring Campaign☆


Campaign Duration: January 7 ~ April 30, 2013

Deposit installment and 1 Month free rent campaign is available again!!
Most apartments are included in the 1 month deposit installment! and some of these apartments have also 1 month free rent!

Link: 2013 Spring Campaign
Please contact us for more information:

In addition!!!


Campaign period: January 4~ March 31, 2013
※Contract should be made within the campaign period.

TYPE 1 (Referral)

☆ 5,000 to 10,000 JPY CASH PRIZE will be given to those who will introduce us to a new customer who signs a UR contract for his/her new apartment.

TYPE 2 (Repeat Clients)

☆ Up to 10,000 JPY CASH PRIZE will be given to our previous customers who signed a UR contract with us before and will sign a new UR-contract during the campaign period.


Property search:


So, in Japan, Valentine’s Day is typically observed
by girls & women presenting sweets like chocolate
and/or gifts (either store-bought or handmade) to
boys or men, as an expression of love, friendship,
or courtesy (sometimes, social obligation, lol).

Of course, handmade gifts are usually preferred by
the recipient because of the perception of sincerity,
effort, and emotion put into them.

On White Day, the “reverse” happens⇒ boys &
men who received gifts on Valentine’s Day are
expected to return the favor by giving gifts.

Traditionally, popular White Day gifts are cookies,
jewellery, white chocolates and sweets! Just to
give you an idea, here is the top 3 ranked gifts for

1. jewellery and accessories
2. dinner at a nice, romantic restaurant
3. cookies and sweets

So, boys and gentlemen, we still have some time
until the 14th! We really encourage you to give
your best and enjoy this day with your loved ones.


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