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This is Ronnie, Ken and Dai of UR-Whitestone!!

Hope everyone had a great golden week holiday!! Thankfully it was full of sunshine in Kanto area!!

I, Ken went to Hokkaido ( the northernmost island of Japan) at this time and it was still snowing and freezing cold. So all my family stayed in and had a plenty of quality seafood. Take a look at this link if you are a big fan of the well known Hokkaido seafood!

What did you do during golden week, then? Fully charged and ready to work hard again??

In Japan, there is a so called “May Sickness”. Did you know? Ronnie found the fact for us below.

☆五月病 Gogatsu-byo “May Sickness”☆
by Ronnie 

After a long and wonderful break on Golden Week, everything is back to normal for all of us. Back to our daily routines: waking-up early, riding packed trains and be busy with our jobs. For others, they experience “May Sickness” after the long break.

Gogatsu-byo or May Sickness is a feeling close to depression and mostly experienced by college freshmen or new employees. They are full of energy and full of expectations, however, they cannot cope with the changes in the environment. People who are scrupulous, serious and have strong sense of responsibilty tend to feel Gogatsu-byo.

It is said that having a hobby, finding new challenges, listening to music and playing sports can prevent this sickness. 

Do you have this kind of sickness in your own country? Please share with us your thoughts/experience.

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