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Hope everyone is still enjoying the summer vacation. This year, Japan has a huge number of people who going for domestic travel rather than overseas travel. Where did you go? or where are you at the moment?

One more thing about what really matters to people who have children. Do you know how children have their summer vacation in Japan?
We revealed some facts about it below. Please take a look.

☆Interesting Facts☆

Japanese Summer Vacation

We hope and pray that you all have had a
wonderful summer vacation! Well, although
it’s almost over, we’d like to share a little bit
about Summer vacation in Japan.

Japan has long been notorious for its super
short summer vacations—it’s just five and a
half weeks at public schools, that provide an
enourmous amount of homework and other
assignments. For example, there’s the math
and Japanese “kanji” drills, a few book reports
and every-single-day diary to submit! Not
only that, there are science observations,
art projects, independent research, etc. On
top of that, some kids go to summer school
at cram schools called “jyuku”.

As you can see, the attitude of Japanese
schools is that summer vacation is “a period
of reviews/catch-ups/getting ahead of others
in their studies”…BUT, what kids REALLY
want, is a period of fun, exciting experiences
and activities!

Here is the ranking of top 3 “What Kids really
enjoy doing during their summer vacation”

1. Traveling to the places they’ve never been to
(overseas, camping, catching insects,etc)
2. Fireworks and Summer Festival
3. Going swimming at the oceans

What do you think? Anything different from
the good ol’ days when you were little? It
might just be interesting to compare!

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