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Summertime in Japan is not only about hotness and humidity, but summer also means the breathtaking Hanabi and the lovely Yukata’s.

“Hanabi” means fireworks and in kanji “花火” means “fire flower”. Throughout Japan there are numerous fireworks shows each summer. Some shows use about 2000 hanabi and some big events use even about 15,000!!!

There are still plenty of Hanabi shows all over Kanto. You can visit the link for fireworks schedule in Tokyo area.

Have fun with your friends and enjoy the summer! 楽しみましょう!! “Tanoshimimasho!”

☆Interesting Facts☆

As you might be seeing people wearing traditional dress in this season. Yukata that is an informal, unlined Kimono made of cotton and worn with a sash, or “obi” around the waist. There are many different colors and various styles to wearing them. These “Obi” also comes in all kinds of colors and fabrics and tie them in many different ways.
You can also tell if a person is married or not by looking at their Yukata’s!

Today, many people wear Yukata at summer festivals and fireworks displays. Yukata is casual and comfortable to wear, and it has become fashionable among young women.

Below link explains more details about Yukata and other relative facts.

☆Summer Music Festival☆

If you still have not yet planned what to do this weekend and enjoy your summer to the fullest, you can go and see different bands in this years “Summer Sonic”!!!

If you are in to music, this is the place to go in summer. You watch bands such as Metallica, Linkin Park, Earth, Wind & Fire and more.!

Location: Makuhari messe
Date: 8/10~8/11

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