Special Volume : Sayonara Sale!

Hello community!!!

This is Ronnie, Ken and of UR-Whitestone!!

Hello everyone! Tokyo is having a very pleasant weather today! Its the best time of the season to go to the park, where you can just lay down, relax and have some fresh air.

And to add up with this beautiful weather, one of our clients, Mr. Rajnish, is having a Sayonara sale! He is selling most of his things, which most of them are in a very good condition! If you are in need of a sofa, fridge or a washing machine, you might find it here!

Please visit the link below for the pictures.

For more details about the price and contact person, please visit the link below.

If you are also planning to give or sell some of your things, please let us know so we can help you share the information to others!
Please email us at info@ur-whitestone.com

☆Whitestone 2nd Photo Contest!☆

We had our 1st Photo Contest 2 years ago and it was pretty interesting and fun. A lot of people share their best shots. We have decided to have it again!!

Previous Contest winner: http://goo.gl/gtkI3B

-any picture is ok as long as it is taken in Japan. You can send us any picture of your family, photos from your vacation trip, Sakura Hanami, or extraordinary things you see in Japan.

Please post only ONE of your favorite photo on our Facebook account and write a caption on it.

The top 3 Photos who has the most “Like!” will win prizes! Very simple!

Voting Deadline: MAY 17, 2014 12:00PM

The photo who gets the most “Like!” will win ¥10,000 in Cash!!
*In case there is a tie, we will be choosing the winner

2nd place will get ¥3,000 Quo Card and 3rd place will get a ¥1,000 Quo Card.

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