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This is Ronnie and Ken of UR-Whitestone!!

Hi Everyone! How is everyone doing? It has been sunny and quite hot these days and you can feel the heat of Japan summer! I think everyone is excited to go to the beach or swimming pools with their friends!

We have done a little research about some good places/beaches to go this summer! Please check it out and you might find your agenda this summer!


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☆Swimming Beaches in Japan☆

There are plenty of beaches in Japan as it is surrounded by the ocean. Swimming beaches are called “Kaisui-yokujo” and most of them are open from July to August. Seaside rest houses or what they called “Umi-no-ie” are commonly constructed near the beach. You can rest, take a shower, and have some snacks in these Umi-no-ie.
Below is the list of popular locations

Shirahama Beach (Izu Peninsula)
-is a beatiful 800-meters long white sand beach. Located at the south-west of Tokyo and also know for its numerous hot springs.
Access: From Tokyo station, take the Tokkyuu Odoriko which goes directly to Izukyushimoda station. Journey will take you about 2hrs and 45mins.
LINK: (Japanese Only)

Wadaura Beach (Boso Peninsula)
-Located about 50 miles southwest of Central Tokyo. Located in Nigaura Wada-cho Minamiboso-city.
Access: JR Uchibo line Wadaura station
About 2 and half hours from Tokyo station.
LINK: (Japanese Only)

Zushi Beach (Miura Peninsula)
-Is a very popular beach for wind-surfing with strong winds with less waves. It is also close to Kamakura!
Access: JR Yokosuka line to Zushi

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