News Vol.71 : How to Use an Air-con in Japan

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Last week was Obon”お盆” in Japan, a Buddhist custom to honor the sprits of one’s ancestors. This custom has evolved into a family reunion holiday where people return to ancestral family places and visit and clean their ancestors’ graves. This is the reason why most of the company staff have a day off during this week. Nonetheless, people spend their holidays differently. I spend time with my family and went to see Hanabi in Miyagase Dam!
How did you spend yours?

Surviving the summer in Japan has never been easy! It is too hot and very humid! Good thing man has invented the Air-con! I have written a short article about Air-con in Japan. It may give you idea on how to choose apartment too!

Theres more!!

There is still a summer event remaining this August. There will be huge Awaodori阿波踊り event in Koenji. Please read the article below for more information!

☆HOW TO: Use an Air-conditioner in Japan☆

Its almost the end of August but the lingering heat of summer is still very much strong! Good thing there is that machine which can help us cool down. Having an air-conditioner in the house is almost a must during the summer, however, there are still some apartments (UR-housing) that do not have A/C.

So, the question is, is it cheaper to rent a UR apartment with already installed Air-con? Or rent a cheap unit where you can buy and install your own Air-con?

Japanese Aircon Remote Control Guide

Most UR-apartments, have already installed A/C, however, most of the units have rent which starts from about 90,000~150,000 Yen rent for 1DK or 1LDK layouts. Normally, rent for a 1DK near central tokyo would be around 120~150K Yen.

There are some “rare” apartments in central tokyo which has very cheap rent, however, these buildings are quite old and not having aircon and/or gas stove. BUT! If you are saving money, this is a very very good deal!

Here is a sample…

Tsukishima 1chome
– No airconditioner and gas stove
– Not much function/ amenities
– Renovated type 1DK 71,400 Rent(cheapest unit) + 4,400(mgmt fee) = 75,800
– Yearly rent = ¥909,600
– Air-con = about ¥60,000 (New)
– Installation/ removing fee = ¥30,000
– total cost per year = ¥999,600

Compared to a 1DK/1LDK unit with rent of 120K..

Rent for 1 year – 120,000 x 12months = ¥1,440,000

You can save as much as ¥450,000 a year!!

☆Awa Odori in Koenji☆

Awa Odori is the largest dance festival in Japan, which atracts oer 1.3 million tourists every year! Large groups made by men and women dance through the streets and they are mostly accompanied by Shamisen, Taiko, Shinobue, and Kane.

Awa is the old feudal administration name for Tokushima Prefecture and Odori means dance.

Koenji’s Awa Odori is the second largest Awa dance Festival in Japan, with an average of 188 groups composed of 12,000 dancers.

You can experience this big event this coming Saturday in Koenji! Don’t miss it if you are here in Japan!

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