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This is Ronnie and Ken of UR-Whitestone!!

Belated Happy Halloween to everyone and also belated Happy Diwali to our Indian fellow community!

On October 25th, I had the opportunity to attend my first Diwali Festival at Nishikasai! I visited at the mid-afternoon but there were already hundreds of visitors. There were only a few shops and food stalls but everyone was enjoying the day! I also had the chance to see Jagmohan Chandrani san! However, I was not able to talk with him directly:( I wish I had more time to stay and watch the programs they had.

Here are some photos I took from the event.

This week, I would like to tour you to one of my favorite place in Japan, the City of Yokohama!
Let me take you to one of the tourist spots in Yokohama, Minatomirai (Picture above).

Furthermore, did you know that there is a very cheap train tickets for foreigners!?
Please check the articles below.

☆UR Campaigns☆

From September 2014, UR started campaigns again!! Please be aware that each campaign has its own expiry date.

We disclosed popular apartments that are now with campaign status, for others please inquire further.

1 Month Free Rent
Tokyo Area Oct. 1 ~ Nov. 30
Yashio Park Town Shioji Minami Heights
Yashio Park Town Shioji Kita Daini Heights
Funabori 6chome Park Heights
Other Apartments
Kanagawa Area Oct. 14 ~ Dec. 28
Minami Nagata Dai2
Other Apartments

Deposit Installment Sept. 1 ~ Nov. 30
None in Tokyo but most of the units in Kanagawa area.

U29 campaign (Partly), Sept 1 ~ Nov 30
(Rent 20% discounted, up to a 3 year contract, under 29 years old only) Please inquire for more information!!

☆Did you know?☆

Did you know that there is a train ticket pass for foreigners visiting Japan!? You can use this pass to any JR Train line in the country. The pass is also valid on the Tokyo Monorail and local JR buses!
This is a must-buy-ticket if your relatives or friends are visiting and planning to have a trip in Japan!


※ People eligible for the Japan Rail Pass

☆Yokohama: Minatomirai – Things To Do☆

Minato Mirai, which means “harbor of the future”, is located in central Yokohama. The place is privileged with a great location along the water and rich with different kinds of attractions. May you be single, a couple, having a family with kids or visiting with friends, Minatomirai is an ideal place to spend the day.

Here are some attractions you can find in Minato Mirai

For Couples, Going out with Friends
Landmark Tower Sky Garden Observation Deck
– The Landmark Tower is the highest building in Japan standing at 296 meters. The observatory on the 69th floor provides a 360-degree of Yokohama City. You can also experience to ride the fastest elevator in Japan with a speed of 750m/min!

Manyo Club
– is a spa and relaxation center, offering hot spring baths with water brought from Atami and Yugawara 6 times a day! There is also a Observation Foot Bath overlooking the Minato Mirai Area. Massage and Japanese course meals are also offered!

For Families with children
Cup Noodle Museum
– If you love instant ramen of Japan, this is a place to go. For a small fee, you can design your own cup noodles and you can also eat noodle dishes from around the world!

Anpanman Museum
– If you have a small child, I believe that he knows and loves Anpanman. You can share a wonderful time with your kids with their favorite character in this museum!

HARA Model Railway Museum
– The museum just opened 2 years ago and can be enjoyed by both adults and children. You can read about the History of all Hara models and allows you to travel the world through model railways.

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