Benefits of TATAMI



People from foreign countries sometimes avoid tatami rooms.

It could be because tatamis get damaged easily or just because they have never stayed with tatamis.




Ex.) Tatami room of UR Kawasaki Technopia Horikawacho Heights


BUT Here are benefits of tatami!!



Ex.) Tatami room of UR Minami-Rokugo 2chome



Safe to Use

Unlike any other flooring, you won’t suffer even a bruise when thrown onto a tatami mat.

Active children and baby rooms are perfect settings for tatami mats.


Ex.) Tatami room of UR Kitasuna 5chome




Room humidity regulator

Tatamis are able to absorb moisture in the room on damp and humid days

Tatamis release excess moisture when days are dry, acting as a temperature regulator.





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