What does the insurance cover for you?


As the name states, this policy covers damages caused by fire accidents. The insurance covers not only fire caused by you, but also arson and fire spread from the neighborhood.

However, insurance payments will not be made in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

Lightning Strike Risk

Compensation is provided when a lightning strike damages a covered building, or when household goods such as home appliances fail due to lightning surges (overvoltage, overcurrent, etc.) caused by a lightning strike. Common cases of damage include a hole in the roof, or the breakdown of electrical appliances that were turned on due to a sudden change in voltage.

Burst and explosion risk

This policy covers damage caused by gas leaking from a gas pipe or tap, and if a fire is started there, the gas ignites and causes an explosion.

In addition to gas pipes, it also includes cases where flammable gas contained in spray cans, etc. ignites and causes an explosion.

Compensation for wind, hail and snow damage

This policy covers damage caused by wind and hail storms such as typhoons and storms, and snowstorms such as heavy snowfalls and avalanches.

Water damage coverage

This policy covers damage to buildings and furniture caused by flooding above floor level due to typhoons, etc., and damage to houses caused by landslides.

Compensation for external collision, water damage (wetting), theft, etc.

Natural disasters are not the only risk to buildings and household goods.

This policy covers damage caused by objects being dropped or collided from outside the building.

Occurrence of water leakage from upper floors, flooding of rooms and household goods! Water damage caused by water leakage, etc.

Violence due to disturbances, group activities, etc.

Damage or defacement due to theft

Compensation for damage and defacement

Compensation for unexpected damage and defacement of buildings and household goods that tend to occur in daily life

Compensation for unforeseen and unexpected damage to buildings and household goods.

The above coverage is based on an example of one insurance company. All coverage and amounts vary depending on the insurance company and plan, so please refer to the contents of the insurance you have purchased.

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