News Vol.25

This is Ronnie and Ken of UR-Whitestone. From now on, we are going to share a lot of information not only
about UR-apartments but also useful information about lifestyle in Japan and some events and activities to
give happiness to you, community. For this edition, we are going to have a photo contest and we are giving
out prices to the winners!

However, before checking out the new exciting contents below, we would like to thank you community for supporting and
using our services. We are very proud to say that we have donated 806,000 from June 2011 till May 2012 to
World Vision Japan by placing over 400 individuals and families to find their rightful apartments.
Again, Thank you very much.

PS. UR’s 1 month deposit Campaign is still on until July 31st!! Do not miss to take this advantage if you are planning
to move!


1) Whitestone Photo Contest!
2) “Virtual Nairan” of the Week
3) Summer Campaign(s)!!
4) Popular UR-Apartments
5) Sayonara sale!!

 1) Whitestone Photo Contest
Hey! Is it time for something exciting? We are doing the first photo contest from July 5th to July 11th!!!
We are all inviting you, community, and even your other friends to share your best shots and you might
win exciting prizes.
Please find more information below.

TITLE: Life with UR

Cheerfully, beautifully and interestingly taken photo of your UR apartment with yourself, your family, or your favorite item.
Well, in any style with your great sense!

Please send only ONE of your best shots to this email id until 11th of July.
Photos of 3 nominators’ will be presented in our Facebook page on 19th of July for people to decide the winner by putting “like” until 31th July.
We will again present the winner in our Facebook on 2nd August.

All 3 nominators will be receiving 1000 Yen QUO card and furthermore, the one who received the most “like”
will even be receiving a 5000 Yen restaurant voucher!!

Please make sure to write down the following information along with your best shot!

Title of the photo:
Description of the photo:
Your name and current address:
Contact number:

Good Luck!!

 2) “Virtual Nairan” of the Week

“Nairan” simply means flat viewing. Virtual Nairan is a way of viewing the flat through the internet. Through Virtual Nairan,
busy people who does not have time to visit the apartments could have an idea of the ambiance of the apartments.

We would like to introduce Urban View Kawasaki for the first Virtual Nairan!
Located 3 Minutes from Kawasaki station, Urban View Kawasaki makes it very convenient to employees working late at night and to those coming from Tokyo.
Urban View Kawasaki

 3) Summer Campaign(s)!!

Summer campaigns are still on but ending soon, please check on eligible apartments and do not miss out!!

◆ 50,000 Gift Voucher ⇒ If you move into eligible apartment you will get a 50,000 JCB gift voucher please see the link
* Duration 6/1-7/31

◆ 1 Month Free Rent ⇒ If you do not terminate the contract within 1 year you get one month free rent, easy and superb value!
Please see the link
    *Reservation period: June 1, 2012 – August 31, 2012

 4) Sayonara Sale

Two of or clients are giving away furniture with little cost, please see below

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