News Vol.26

This is Ronnie and Ken of UR-Whitestone.
We are finally entering the end of the rainy season in Japan, hoping everyone is ready for summer fun activities!!
Until today our photo contest is still on and we are giving more opportunities to more candidates by extending till 31th of July!!
The topic is slightly changed, please check out below!!

The campaign of one month free rent is finishing by the end of August, if you book the flat before that you will be able to take this advantage of paying less rent!!
Please do not miss out, and check out the eligible apartments below!!


1) Whitestone Photo Contest! (Extended)
2) Ronnie and Ken`s Dictionary
3) Summer Campaign(s)!!
4) Popular UR-Apartments
5) FAQ (Documents needed for the contract)

 1) Whitestone Photo Contest (Extended)

Hey! Different topic at this time? We are extending the period of out photo contest to 31st of July!!
Again, to win our exciting prizes in a fun way. Please give us your best shot then!!
Please find more information below.

TITLE: Life in Japan

Anything about your thoughts of Japan, for example your favorite Japanese food, building, view or well..anything to be frank, just simply go with your great sense!!

Please send only ONE of your best shots to this email id until 31th of July.
We will be uploading photos of selected 3 nominators on our Facebook for everyone to vote for the winner later.

All 3 nominators will be receiving 1000 Yen QUO card and furthermore, the one who received the most “like” on our Facebook
will even be receiving a 5000 Yen restaurant voucher!!

Please make sure to write down the following information along with your best shot!

Title of the photo:
Description of the photo:
Your name and current address:
Contact number:

Good Luck!!

 2) Ronnie and Ken`s Dictionary
Today we are introducing polite and casual way to express your feeling in Japanese.
(Polite way) To your senior at work, elderly people or someone you need to speak in a polite way.
(Casual way) To your junior at work, your family, friends.

You are nice. (P) Yasashii desu ne. (C) Yasashii ne.
You are cool. (P) Kakkoii desu ne. (C) Kakkoii ne.
You are great. (P) Sugoi desu ne. (C) Sugoi ne.

As you can see the difference between P and C, simply ending the sentences with different words making a big difference!!
Hoping everyone is finding it fun and useful!!

 3) Summer Campaign(s)!!

Summer campaigns are still on but ending soon, please check on eligible apartments and do not miss out!!

◆ Deposit Installment ⇒ Most of UR apartments require 2 or 3 months deposit when signing the contract, with this campaign you will be able to pay just one when signing the contract and pay the remaining two in the following two years. It is very reasonable for people to move in with little cost initially. Please contact us soon for eligible apartments and more details, it is ending on 7/31.

◆ 50,000 Gift Voucher ⇒ If you move into eligible apartment you will get a 50,000 JCB gift voucher please see the link
* Duration 6/1-7/31

◆ 1 Month Free Rent ⇒ If you do not terminate the contract within 1 year you get one month free rent, easy and superb value!
Please see the link
    *Reservation period: June 1, 2012 – August 31, 2012

 4) FAQ

What are the documents needed to submit on the contract day for UR housing?
-There was a new change for the resident proof from the ward office since July 9th.
Please check the link below for complete information

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