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How is everyone doing? Its getting hotter each day but I hope everyone is coping with the heat.
Everyone, have a drink of water every now and then ne!

We would just like to inform everyone again that the SUMMER CAMPAIGN is going to end this July 31st!


◆ Deposit Installment ⇒ Pay ONLY 1 MONTH DEPOSIT on the contract date! Very reasonable for
for people who are planning to move on October or early September.
Remaining deposit must be paid the following year, however, there is no need to pay if
you are moving out before the paying day.
*Reservation Period until JULY 31, 2012

◆ 50,000 Gift Voucher ⇒ If you move into eligible apartment you will get a 50,000 JCB gift voucher.
Please visit the link:
*Reservation Period until JULY 31, 2012

◆ 1 Month Free Rent ⇒ If you do not terminate the contract within 1 year you get one month free rent, easy and superb value!
Please visit the link:
    *Reservation Period until JULY 31, 2012

The WHITESTONE PHOTO CONTEST is still running so please keep on sending your favorite photos!!!
*DEADLINE: JULY 31, 2012

TITLE: Life in Japan

Anything about your thoughts of Japan, for example your favorite Japanese food, building, view or well..anything to be frank,
just simply go with your great sense!!

Please send only ONE of your best shots to this email id photocontest@ur-whitestone.comuntil 31th of July.
We will be uploading photos of selected 3 nominators on our Facebook for everyone to vote for the winner later.

All 3 nominators will be receiving 1000 Yen QUO card and furthermore, the one who received the most “like” on our Facebook
will even be receiving a 5000 Yen restaurant voucher!!

Please make sure to write down the following information along with your best shot!

Title of the photo:
Description of the photo:
Your name and current address:
Contact number:

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