News Vol.29

This is Ronnie and Ken of UR-Whitestone.
Still enjoying your Summer holiday or already planning where to go next year?
Thank you everyone participating in our first photo contest. Please check information below to see the lucky winner
of the 5000 yen voucher!!!

We are finding it very exciting to plan some more events again.
We really thank everyone very much for participating our first photo contest!!


1) Whitestone Photo Contest Winner Announcement!!
2) Ronnie and Ken`s interesting facts about Japan
3) 1 Month Free Rent Campaign!!
4) Popular UR-Apartments
5) FAQ ( Recycle shop / Second-hand shop )

 1) Whitestone Photo Contest Winner Announcement!!

The winner of our first Photo Contest has been decided! Thank you very much to all who participate and shared their
great pictures with us. We would also like to thank all the people who “like” our page on Facebook.

The winner of our first Photo Contest and will receive a 5000 yen restaurant voucher, with 163 Likes/ votes is!!!….

Mr. Anshul Agrawal san’s “Nature never goes out of style”

★Runner ups★
2nd place: 63 Likes
Mr. Karan Jaura san’s “The Japanese Bride”

3rd place: 13 Likes
Mr. Ito Ken’s “Hope blowing to Ishinomaki”

For none Facebook users, please see

Again, thank you very much for participating and support in our first photo contest! Tune in for the next photo contest and you might be the winner
next time!

 2) Ronnie and Ken`s interesting facts about Japan

Did you know???
1. Japan consists of over 6,800 islands.
2. Some men in Japan shave their heads as a form of apology.
3. There are vending machines in Japan that dispense beer!

 3) Summer Campaign!! (Ending on 8/31)

◆ 1 Month Free Rent ⇒ If you do not terminate the contract within 1 year you get one month free rent, easy and superb value!
Please see the link for all eligible apartments

 4) FAQ

Where to buy second-hand furniture and appliances?

It is very wise to buy a second-hand furniture here in Japan especially if you are only staying for a few
months or a year or two. Second-hand goods saves you a lot of money and you can actually sell them
again when you go back to your country.

Visit the link below for second-shops in different areas.

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