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This is Ronnie, Ken and Dai of UR-Whitestone.
It’s almost February and we want to share a bit
of what’s Japanese people are up to around this
time of the year!

On February 3, we have “Setsubun”, meaning
the day before changing the seasons from winter
to spring.

On this day, we do mamemaki, scattering roasted
soybeans fukumame (good luck beans) as we
shout out “Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi~devils OUT,
fortunes IN!!!” After mamemaki, we eat the same
number of soybeans as our age to wish our good
health and good luck for the year.

And we eat ehomaki in the evening on this day.
Ehomaki is a huge sushi roll, and we eat it
without saying anything as facing east-northeast,
believed to be the good luck direction, so that
you will receive all the blessings promised for the
year to come.

In February people also visit onsen,
Japanese hot springs! You can check out
many great spot here:

☆UR Spring Campaign☆
☆Whitestone Spring Campaign☆


Campaign Duration: January 7 ~ April 30, 2013

Deposit installment and 1 Month free rent campaign is available again!!
Most apartments are included in the 1 month deposit installment! and some of these apartments have also 1 month free rent!

Link: 2013 Spring Campaign
Please contact us for more information:

In addition!!!


Campaign period: January 4~ March 31, 2013
※Contract should be made within the campaign period.

TYPE 1 (Referral)

☆ 5,000 to 10,000 JPY CASH PRIZE will be given to those who will introduce us to a new customer who signs a UR contract for his/her new apartment.

TYPE 2 (Repeat Clients)

☆ Up to 10,000 JPY CASH PRIZE will be given to our previous customers who signed a UR contract with us before and will sign a new UR-contract during the campaign period.


Property search:

☆Ronnie and Ken`s interesting facts about Japan☆

Tatami are mats made of a thick base of rushes and have been used in Japanese homes since about 600 years ago.

A tatami floor is “cool in the summer and warm in the winter and remains fresher than carpet during Japan`s humid months”.

Today`s home usually have Western-style rooms with wooden flooring.

However still many people enjoy the benefits of tatami that does not require a proper bed for sleeping and perfectly fits Japanese climate.


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