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This is Ronnie, Ken and Dai of UR-Whitestone!! Here we are!! Yes! the love celebration!!

In Japan, Valentine`s day is thought to be a great chance for girls to express their feelings by giving chocolates to boys, and expecting a gift back from the boy on 14th March (The so called White day).

If you would like to know where people go dating in Tokyo, here are some interesting dating spots for all love ones!!

☆UR Spring Campaign☆
☆Whitestone Spring Campaign☆


Campaign Duration: January 7 ~ April 30, 2013

Deposit installment and 1 Month free rent campaign is available again!!
Most apartments are included in the 1 month deposit installment! and some of these apartments have also 1 month free rent!

Link: 2013 Spring Campaign
Please contact us for more information:

In addition!!!


Campaign period: January 4~ March 31, 2013
※Contract should be made within the campaign period.

TYPE 1 (Referral)

☆ 5,000 to 10,000 JPY CASH PRIZE will be given to those who will introduce us to a new customer who signs a UR contract for his/her new apartment.

TYPE 2 (Repeat Clients)

☆ Up to 10,000 JPY CASH PRIZE will be given to our previous customers who signed a UR contract with us before and will sign a new UR-contract during the campaign period.


Property search:


TOKYO MARATHON 2013, with 30,000 runners
participated, starts at Tocho, the Tokyo Metropolitan
Governement building, Shinjyuku-ku at 9:10am on
February 24 (Sun). People from all over the world
particiapte the race, runs through Iidabashi, Imperial
Palace, Hibiya, Shinagawa, Ginza, Nihonbashi,
Asakusa Kaminarimon, Tsukiji, Toyosu, and evetually
reaches the finish line at Tokyo Big Sight
(Ariake) in Odaiba.

You can see many runners wearing funny &
interesting costumes throughout the race. Also,
quite a few celebrities and TV stars make their
appearance as runners as well.

Along the marathon course there will be many types
of events, food stands, and festivals to cheer up the
runners and enjoy the time with them throughout the
day! The BEST location ot watch the race would be
around the goal point in Odaiba!

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