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This is Ronnie, Ken and Dai of UR-Whitestone!!

5 days more and its October!! Weather is already changing and its getting colder 🙂

In October, schools in Japan, from nursery to high school, held their annual sports day! Children enjoy participating to different sports and sometimes parents join too!!

My(Ronnie) 1.9 months old son is going to participate to his first sprorts fest Next week! I am very excited to see him play with other kids!
How about your kid? Better get ready your video cams and cameras to capture the beautiful smiles of your small and cute love ones!

For more information about “undokai”, please read the article below. You can also some videos of each sports!

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☆Interesting Facts☆

Undokai ~No escaping annual sports day~

Typhoon passed by and brought Autumn rather
quickly compared to other years in the past.

Around this season of the year, kids are either
exicited or distressed. The very reason why is
“UNDOKAI” ~”sports day” in which they
participate whether they like sports or not. It is
compulsory for schoolchildren in Japan.

From kindergarten upto high schools, schools
and community groups generally organize and
host sports days on Oct.10 because it’s the
day that marks the opening ceremony for the
1964 Tokyo Olympics, and some schools
devote more than a month of preparation for
the big day of contests.

On “sports day”, schools usually kick the day
off with a parade in the morning, followed by a
principal’s speech. After that, their usual
routine of performing “radio exercises” before
the races. The common races are: the tug of
war, relays, kumitaiso (gymnastic performance
forming pyramids and other shapes), kibasen
(cavalry fights), tama-ire, in which participants
toss small beanbags into a bamboo basket
attached to a high pole, is also a very popular,
exciting game.

One thing you don’t wanna miss watching,
at junior high schools and high schools,
is the “oendan”(cheering squads) that are
usually composed of boys. Many wear
black “gakuran” (old fashioned school
uniforms) or long happi coats. The oendan
cheer by waving flags, beating drums and
lots yelling (cheering) all day long for the
event. Female cheerleaders are also
common, but oendan is definately more

If you’re invited and have a chance to go see
Undokai, you should really go check it out!
Just seeing children go at those races, will
get you excited, and next thing you know,
YOU might be running for the goal tape!!!

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