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This is Ronnie, Ken and Dai of UR-Whitestone!!

Hi! How is everyone? First of all, we would like to thank everyone for reading our newsletter and giving good reviews about it!
We are striving everytime to give everyone useful information not only about UR-housing but also information about general lifestyle.

We would also like to thank clients who continuously using our services and the Whitestone Autumn Campaign!

This week, Ken has written an article about Melon. Its not just an ordinary melon as it is very, very, very expensive!!!
Read the article below to find out how much 1 melon cost!

☆UR Autumn Campaign☆

Campaign Duration: September 1 to November 30

● 2 Months Deposit Campaign
Paying 2 months deposit instead of 3 months deposit.

● Deposit Installment Campaign
Paying only 1 month deposit when signing the contract and remaining to be paid in the next following year(s) by providing sufficient tax certificate.

● 1 Month Free Rent Campaign
First month rent gets free if you do not terminate the contract within a year.

☆Whitestone Autumn Campaign☆

Campaign Duration: September 1 to November 30
※ Contract must be made within the campaign period

Earn up to 10,000 yen easily!!!

We offer two types of campaign. For more
details, please check the link below:

Please contact us for more information:

☆Recommended UR Apartments☆

Special and hard to find apartments that we only share to members!!

To access the links below, please use the following information:
ユーザー名/username: ws
パスワード/password: ws

Good Deals (Value and rare vacancy)
◆ Shinyamashita Bay City: 1DK, 69sqm, 69K+3K.
15 mins walk to Motomachi Chukagai sta.

◆ Ortho Yokohama View Tower, 1K, 39sqm, 90K+6K.
3 mins walk to Shinkoyasu sta.

Popular Deals
◆ Yashio Chuo, 1LDK, 41sqm, 85K+4K.
10 mins walk to Tokyo Monorail, Oi Keibajo
Mae sta.

◆ Kawasaki Nisshin, 1LDK, 48sqm, 90K+3.4K.
8 mins walk to Hacchonawate & 15 mins walk to Kawasaki sta.

◇Find other options here:

◇Send us directly your requirements at:

☆Interesting Facts(by Ken)☆

Yubari Melon

Yubari Melon is from Yubari, Hokkaido. A small town close to Sapporo.
It was fistly produced in 1961, since its ripening process is very fast so nationawide shipping service only became available since 1982 by a specialised firm. During the year, tunnel culture type start selling from the end of September.

Yes, the most interesting part of Yubari Melon is the “price” !! At a Japanese auction in 2008, 2 Yubari melons sold together for 2.5 million Yen which was sold for 100 Yen for just 1 cut by the so called innovative trader.

Well for sure it tastes superbly great, flesh is extremely soft and sweet juice just spill over!!
Before you actually cut it in half for an eat. you can even smell the fragrance of melon.

In my entire life, I have had 2 Yubari melons, which were great, thankful, touching and unforgettable..

Please take a look at below link talking deeper about Yubari Melon, you should at least try once while in Japan!!

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