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This is Ronnie, Ken and Dai of UR-Whitestone!!

How is everyone! We hope everyone was ok and was not deeply affected by the Typhoon last October 16th. There will be another typhoon coming this week so always bring an umbrella and put some warm clothes to keep you warm! Please stay safe everyone!

Nonetheless, after this typhoon, next week is Halloween!! One of the popular events among children and teenagers in recent years! Daisuke, wrote an article about halloween in Japan. Please have a look so that you can have an idea how to prepare and celebrate Halloween with your Japanese friends!

☆UR Autumn Campaign☆

Campaign Duration: September 1 to November 30

● 2 Months Deposit Campaign
Paying 2 months deposit instead of 3 months deposit.

● Deposit Installment Campaign
Paying only 1 month deposit when signing the contract and remaining to be paid in the next following year(s) by providing sufficient tax certificate.

● 1 Month Free Rent Campaign
First month rent gets free if you do not terminate the contract within a year.

☆Whitestone Autumn Campaign☆

Campaign Duration: September 1 to November 30
※ Contract must be made within the campaign period

Earn up to 10,000 yen easily!!!

We offer two types of campaign. For more
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☆Interesting Facts☆

Halloweeeeeeeeeeen in Japan!

Although it wasn’t celebrated in Japan until
recent years, Halloween has been becoming
very popular event year after year in Japan.

Many shops and stores cell colorful Halloween
decorations, costumes, snacks and sweets.
Also, many Japanese cities/towns, shopping
malls, and theme parks, such as Tokyo Disney
Land, hold fun Halloween events~parades,
costume parteis, & trick-or-treating in Autumn.

Perhaps if you have lived in Japan for quite
some time, you may have already known or
even seen this; “Kosupure” (cosplay) has been
very popular among Japanese youth. For
Halloween in Japan, people may not only dress
in monsters, ghosts, mythical creatures
costumes, but more popularly so dress in
anime/movie/computer game characters
costumes, kimono and more. Lot’s of people
enjoy wearing various costumes, make-ups
and masks to become their favorite characters!

Kids too wear their favorite costumes, and they
are adorable!!!

I’ve seen lots foreigners try on ninja, samurai,
anime costumes and hawl away on Tokyo
night streets! So, what are you going to be
this year??? Have you picked up your best
costume yet??? If not, then you should hurry
‘cause there are big parties held in Kawasaki!
There will be kids parades, foodstands and
best-costume competition and more! You
can check out for more info here!

Happy Halloween to you all, and trick or treat!

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