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This is Ronnie, Ken and Dai of UR-Whitestone!!

Konnichiwa!! How is everyone doing? Just last weekend, the hindus just celebrated their most important festival, Diwali or “festival of lights”.
Some of our clients even sent us greetings!
To all, it might be too late, but Belated Happy Diwali!!

Next week, on November 15th, Children with ages 3, 5 and 7 are celebrating “Shichi-go-san”, which literally means “seven-five-three”. For those parents who have children within this age, we have an article below. Please read 🙂

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☆Interesting Facts☆

753~Shichi Go San~

November 15th is known as a day of prayer for the healthy growth of young children in Japan.
“Shichi-go-san”, literally means seven(shichi),
five(go), three(san) as in numbers. In most
regions in Japan, boys and girls aged 3, boys
aged 5, and girls aged 7 visit a Shinto shrine
with their parents and family to pray for thier
health and blessings.

Historically, shichi-go-san spreaded to commoners in Edo Period, began visiting
shrines to have prayers for children offered
by priests. Then, mainly samurai families
celebrated the growth of babies into healthy
boys and girls.

Traditionally, most girls wear kimonos for this
special occasion, while boys put on haori
jackets and hakama trousers. In recent
years, however, there are some children who wears Western-style dresses
and suits.

Following the visit, parents generally buy
chitose-ame (longevity candy) for the children.
The candy is shaped like a long stick, and
comes in a bag that carries illustrations of
cranes and turtles–two animals that are
symbols of long life. “Chitose” means a
thousand years and is used to denote very
long periods of time, expressing their parents’
wish that their children lead long, prosperous

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