News Vol.72 : Oktoberfest! and How to? Guide part 2!

This is Ronnie and Ken of UR-Whitestone!!

It has been a week since the month of October! The weather has not been great and the typhoon has just left. I hope everyone’s family were safe.
However, the weather will be better and cooler so we have to enjoy this short Autumn weather!

Speaking of October, one of the popular event is the Oktoberfest! It is a very popular funfair which originally came from Germany. It is now held in different countries like Japan! You can enjoy the athmosphere of Germany’s Munich Beer Festival. The event will be accompanied by Music, Dancing and Good food and most of all, by a delicious beer!

Tokyo Area (Oct 15 ~ Oct 16)

Yokohama Area (Oct 3 ~ Oct 19)

Yokohama Oktoberfest 2014

☆UR Campaigns☆

From September 2014, UR started campaigns again!! Please be aware that each campaign has its own expiry date.

We disclosed popular apartments that are now with campaign status, for others please inquire further.

1 month free rent (Partly), 1st Sept-31st Oct
Yashio Park Town Shioji Minami Heights
City Court Meguro
Hikarigaoka Park Town Odori Chuo, Minami & 8 bangai
Hikarigaoka Park Town Promenade 10 Bangai

Other Apartments

Deposit Installment, 1st Sept-30th Nov
None in Tokyo but most of the units in Kanagawa area.

U29 campaign (Partly), 1st Sept-30th Nov (Rent 20% discounted, up to a 3 year contract, under 29 years old only) A lot! Please send us inquiry!!

☆How to? Guide: How to use Ofuro’s Control Panel ☆

Japan is pretty well known for its technology. It is present everywhere! And most of these technologies are used by remote controls or control panels. Most of these things, however, are written in Japanese.

One of the gadget is the control panel you can find inside the bathroom of your apartments. There are too many buttons to push but what does it really say?

Please visit the link below for the instructions on how to use the control panel in your bathroom. You might discover something you did not know your Ofuro can do!

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