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How was everyone’s Diwali festival this year? Apparently, there will be one in Nishi Kasai on 25th October.

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Today, we are writing an article below about “Indian Town Origin” in Japan under our research.
If anyone knows anything not mentioned in it, please tell us!! We would like to know more as well!!

Oh, by the way Happy Halloween!!

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☆Indian Town Origin☆
Do you know how Edogawa-ku became the so called Indian town in Japan? 25% of Indian nationals in Japan are living in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo. Koto-ku, Tokyo comes the next one.

Under our research, according to an interpretation from Mr. Jagmohan S. Chandrani, chairman of Indian Community of Edogawa who came to Japan in 1978. We are pleased to release a concentrated article.

“The year 2,000 problem” was the main beginning of high demand in IT professionals from India, and Edogawa-ku somehow was the perfect place:
1) Easy commute to Nihonbashi/Otemachi where most of financial and international companies located here.
2) UR has a fairly good number of apartments in Edogawa-ku and for its famously well-known system of none guarantor which eased difficulty of getting housing.
3) Especially in Nishi Kasai as a rising dormitory town of mixed cultures where gives a good capacity of foreign residents.
4) Moreover, Indian grocery shops and Indian schools open in Mizue, Funabori and Nishi Kasai.
Edogawa-ku has then achieved a solid position of Indian town.

Do you know anything else? Please tell us about it!! or do you know if there is any other Indian town in Japan?

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