Special Volume : Free Cooking Stove and More!

Hello community!!!

This is Ronnie and Ken of UR-Whitestone again!!

Since December is the month of gift giving, we have decided to give gifts to our clients as well!!
If you sign a contract within the campaign period, we are giving away brand new appliances!

You can choose from 1 item below!
1. Gas cooking stove
2. Electric stove
3. Microwave Oven
4. 10,000 Yen

Conditions are as follows.
・Contract signing should be between 12/23/2014 and 1/24/2015.
・Only eligible to people who directly reply this newsletter.
・If you want to refer a friend who is not registered reader of our newsletter, please tell them to forward this email to us including your full name. We will give referral fee as well!
・The item or 10,000 will be given 10 days after the contract.
・Rent should be Above ¥85,000 Rent (Not Including Management Fee)
・Type and brand are appointed by Whitestone.
・Repeating clients apply the same condition as above.
・If contract is terminated before move-in date, campaign will not be applicable.

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