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Hello community!!!

This is Ronnie and Ken of UR-Whitestone!!

The moving season is starting! We have been getting a lot of inquiries for apartments all around Tokyo! If you are also planning to move around March or April, it’s a good timing to start searching!

What do you call the event where you use a scary mask and beans like the ones shown above?

Find the answer below! ↓

☆UR 1 Month Free Campaign☆

There is a new list of apartments having 1 month free rent campaign which started last Monday. It’s still not too late to move to a new place this year!

Tokyo Area Dec. 1 ~ Mar. 31, 2015
Hikarigaoka park town Odori Minami(Only for certain units)
Kamiyabori Koen Heights
Shinonome Canal Court CODAN
Other Apartments

Kanagawa Area Oct. 14 ~ Dec. 28
Minami Nagata Dai2
Other Apartments

☆Recommended UR Apartments☆

Special and hard to find apartments that we only share to members!!

To access the links below, please use the following information:
ユーザー名/username: ws
パスワード/password: ws

Good Deals (Value and rare vacancy)
◆ City Court Ojima, 2DK, 47sqm, 125K+3K
3 min walk from Ojima station (Toei Shinjuku line)

◆ Nishikubocho Koen Heights, 2LDK, 60sqm, 96K+2K
(Must have family member under 18 in the same household, no company contract)
4 min walk from Tennocho station (Sotetsu line)

Popular Deals
◆ Kirigaoka Green Town, 3DK, 67sqm, 71K+3K
6 min bus from Tokaichiba station (Yokohama line)

◆ Tennocho, 1LDK, 50sqm, 91K+1K
5 min walk from Tennocho station (Sotetsu line)

◇Find other options here:

◇Send us directly your requirements at:

☆ “節分” Setsubun ☆

On February 3, an event called Setsubun is celebrated, which literally means “division of seasons” and marks the day before the first day of spring.
On this day, there is a custom called 豆まき Mamemaki where people throw and scatter roasted soybeans inside and outside their houses while chanting
鬼は外、福は内 “Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi”
Devils out! Good luck in!

It is believed that evil is warded of by throwing beans and that good fortune will then come to one’s home.
After throwing the beans, people usually eat the same number of beans which equals to their age. There is a belief that this will bring happiness throughout the year.

In Kansai area, some people eat a Makizushi called 恵方巻 “Ehomaki” Lucky Direction Roll while facing the year’s lucky compass direction which is determined by the zodiac symbol of that year.

Children will love this bean-throwing event! If you have a child and it’s your first time doing it, it will be one of the memorable moments of your children.

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