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Hello community!!!

How is everyone doing? It has been pretty cold lately but I assume everyones heart are warming up as February 14th is coming next week! Time to give more love to your loveones!

Nonetheless, I think Valentines are not only for young couples but it can also be celebrated with your children!
Below are some ideas where to bring your children for a date!!

Additional INFO!!
– Useful transporation information to/from Narita Airport! Please check the article below.

☆UR 1 Month Free Campaign☆

There is a new list of apartments having 1 month free rent campaign which started last Monday. It’s still not too late to move to a new place this year!

Tokyo Area Dec. 1 ~ Mar. 31, 2015
Hikarigaoka park town Odori Minami(Only for certain units)
Kamiyabori Koen Heights
Shinonome Canal Court CODAN
Other Apartments

Kanagawa Area Oct. 14 ~ Dec. 28
Minami Nagata Dai2
Other Apartments

☆Recommended UR Apartments☆

Special and hard to find apartments that we only share to members!!

To access the links below, please use the following information:
ユーザー名/username: ws
パスワード/password: ws

Good Deals (Value and rare vacancy)
◆ Oi 6chome, 1LDK, 47sqm, 96K+3K
10 min walk from Tachiai station (Keikyu line) 17 min walk from Oimachi station (Keihin Tohoku line)

◆ Seishin Minami Heights, 2LDK, 66sqm, 126K+2K
13 min walk from Nishi Kasai station (Tozai line)

Popular Deals
◆ City Court Ojima, 3LDK, 77sqm, 77K+3K
3 min walk from Ojima station (Toei Shinjuku line)

◆ Ojima 6chome, 2DK, 52sqm, 94K+2K
1 min walk from Ojima station (Toei Shinjuku line)

◇Find other options here:

◇Send us directly your requirements at:

☆ Date with your lovely kids ☆

The month of February is often celebrated by young couples or people who are looking for a date or young ladies giving chocolates to their crushes. So I thought, why don’t we date our children for a change? I think they will love to be part and experience valentines day!
You also do not have to spend too much to make them happy and catch their hearts.

Here are some reasonable but enjoyable places to take your kids around the city.

1. Tokyo Fire Musuem (Free Admission)
– If your child likes fireman and firetrucks, this is the place to be. Old and new firetrucks, firefighters uniform can be seen the museum. There are fire-fighter-related games, puzzles and animated films for kids.

2. Rabbit Cafe (600 Yen per 30 minutes)
– Bunnys are adorable whether your an adult or a kid. You can rest and drink coffee while your kids pet, play and feed the cute rabbits.

3. Metro Museum (210 Yen)
– Most kids, including mine, love trains. This museum focuses on the Tokyo subway system. There are small and big model trains and also driving simulators.

4. Meguro Parasitological Musuem (Free Admission)
– This is one of the places you will not go for a date with the girl of your life, but your kids are sure to have fun in this venue. Of course, that is if they are interested in creepy things like parasites.

☆Access to Narita Airport☆

There are different ways to get to Narita Airport when you are going back to visit your country.
Please visit the link below and you might find a cheaper way to get to the airport!

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