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There are plenty things to do in Japan, and one of the things you have to experience is the Japanese Onsen. However, it is very important to know the Japanese bath Etiquette!
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☆UR 1 Month Free Campaign☆

There is a new list of apartments having 1 month free rent campaign which started last Monday. It’s still not too late to move to a new place this year!

Tokyo Area Dec. 1 ~ Mar. 31, 2015
Hikarigaoka park town Odori Minami(Only for certain units)
Kamiyabori Koen Heights
Shinonome Canal Court CODAN
Other Apartments

☆Recommended UR Apartments☆

Special and hard to find apartments that we only share to members!!

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Good Deals (Value and rare vacancy)
◆ Kitasuna 5chome, 1DK, 35sqm, 60K+3K
8 min walk from Ojima station (Toei Shinjuku line)

◆ Funabori Ekimae Toki Tower, 1LDK, 41sqm, 100K+8K (1 month free rent campaign until 3/31/2015)
1 min walk from Funabori station (Toei Shinjuku line)

Popular Deals
◆ City Court Ojima, 3LDK, 73sqm, 171K+3K
3 min walk from Ojima station (Toei Shinjuku line)

◆ Kojimacho 2chome, 3DK(top floor), 69sqm, 129K+2K
3 min walk from Nishi Kasai station (Tozai line)

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☆ Japanese Bath Etiquette ☆

For most of us who are not raised in Japan, the Onsen, or hot spring, is kind of unfamiliar place to be. If it is your first time, you might not consider visiting because of the unknown bath etiquette. Nonetheless, bathing in an onsen has a lot of good qualitities!
Here are some Do’s and Dont’s for making your onsen experience a good one.

・Please take off your underwear. Yes. All of it.
– any clothes are seen as dirtying the bath. Do not be ashamed of your body. Nudity is natural.
・Take a shower first before entring the onsen
– You can use a towel to wash yourself with soap while sitting on a small stool. Rinse carefully before dipping to the onsen
・ No running and diving to the onsen
– many surfaces are slippery and water is really hot so be careful!
・You can use a small bath towel while walking for modesty.

・Tattoos are not allowed in any Onsen even a small tattoo.
– Tattoos are very uncommon in Japan and often indicates Yakusa or Gangster

・Hot springs is very healthful, rejuvinating, refreshing and sometimes have healing qualities to cure skin conditions.


☆Popular Apartments Interior Photos☆

Here are some photos taken from popular UR apartments around east Tokyo.
Please us let us know if you have any inquiry.

◆ Kasai Clean Town Seishin Minami Heights
◆ Ojima 6chome
◆ Kojimacho 2chome
◆ City Court Ojima

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