Causes for eviction in UR apartments

During your stay at a UR apartment, there are a few cases where you are asked to evict the apartment. Evictions barely happen, but I have listed the possible cases down below!

  1. If you fail to pay rent 3 months in a row 

The monthly rent and management fee must be paid on the 25th each month. If you fail to pay in 3 consecutive months, you will be asked to evict your apartment room.

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  1. Trouble with the neighbors

If your neighbors consistently formally complain about something you have done, there may be a possibility that you are asked to leave the apartment. This is a case by case situation, and there are no definite answers. For example, if there are formal noise complaints from multiple neighbors consistently, you could be asked to evict the apartment. As long as you live normally in your apartment, there should not be any case where you are asked to leave!

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  1. Go against any of the rules on the contract

Before you sign the contract for your new apartment, we will go through all the rules and regulations necessary for UR apartments. These rules are part of the contract, and if you go against any of these you may be asked to evict your apartment.

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